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St Francis Bay boasts all the usual sports; hikes and walks; boating and other water related activities both on the sea and in the river. Not only does it have its own airpark, in a nature reserve reserve, but the only privately owned harbour in the country, both facilities providing another whole range of associated pleasures and activities.

Whales, dolphins, birds, special plants, and other wonderful creatures keep nature lovers ecstatic while sophisticated shops and restaurants, provide for every other need.

Things to do in St Francis Bay

Cape St Francis Lighthouse
Marks one of the 'corners' of the African coast. It was erected to warn ships of the presence of a reef that protrudes beyond Sea Point, almost a kilometer out to sea.
Thatchwood Country Lodge - Cape St Francis Lighthouse
Hiking - Sand River
If you are lucky, you may see the beautiful Crystal Pools. The water in the Sand River flows underground, over the hard rocky substrate that underlines the dunes. After heavy rains, the water table rises to form Crystal Pools.

Eco Boat Cruises
Enjoy boat cruises around the Bay. You'll discover abundant bird and marine life - including penguins, whales and dolphins. Boats may not venture closer than 300m to any whale.

River Cruises
Explore the upper reaches of the Kromme River on a comfortable motor launch. Stop over at Stony Boma River Camp for a picnic or barbeque. After lunch, relax or go for a hike, canoeing, fishing or birding on the river.

Marina Cruise
Take an hour-long trip and sip a soothing drink or two as you experience South Africa's own 'Little Venice' aboard a comfortable cruiser.

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A photographer in the 60's Bruce Brown, searched the world for the Perfect Wave. He found it at St Francis Bay, and named it 'Bruce's Beauties' - St Francis Bay is one of the world's great surf spots.
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Irma Booysen Flora Reserve
The Reserve lies within 200m of the Cape St. Francis Resort. A walk through the reserve is a must-do for all lovers of fynbos. Maps and plant guides are available at the Resort's reception office.
Penguin’s rescue & rehabilitation centre

Penguins are fascinating creatures, intriguing scientists and tourists alike. Whether offering us the mystery and beauty of a 300-metre dive or entertaining us with comic clumsiness on land, these charismatic creatures delight the eye and captivate the heart." - Phil Hockey 2001.
Thatchwood Country Lodge - Penguin Rescue
Sand boarding

The ideal venue for sand boarding is on the Sand River dunes near Cape St Francis. Provides thrills to both novice and expert. Hiking the Sand River Dunes is recommended at any time of the year.
Thatchwood Country Lodge - Sandboarding

Explore the reefs or just have fun at "Granny's Pool".
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Whale watching

The best time of the year to enjoy the enthralling sights of the Humpback and Southern Right Whales in the bay is from May to September. Otters, seals, penguins all abound in St Francis Bay and can be spotted from the many viewpoints along the coast.
Thatchwood Country Lodge - Whale Watching
Sea fishing

All types of fishing can be organised, ranging from rock and surf, light tackle, fly fishing to deep sea and bottom fishing. Charters can accommodate groups of up to 20 people - morning or afternoon or full day trips. Top of the range fishing tackle (Shimano, Penn, Halco) is provided and you get to keep your catch.
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The Heritage Centre situated at Granny’s Pool at the bottom of Harbour Road is considered the ecological and historical centre of the Village. The building was originally the National Sea Rescue Institute base and is now the home of the St Francis Kromme Trust - Heritage Eco Centre

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Using Thatchwood as your base you can explore the numerous activities in the surrounding area.

Thatchwood Country Lodge - Game reservesWe will happily arrange personalised day trips, such as: Shamwari, Addo Elephant National Park, Lombardini Game Park, Baviaanskloof, Lalibella Game Reserve, and more.Thatchwood Country Lodge - Game reserves

The Tsitsikamma’s spectacular scenery includes the Indian Ocean breakers, pounding rocky shores beneath 180 m high cliffs, evergreen forests and fynbos (proteas and heath) rolling down to the sea in a lush carpet where ancient rivers have carved their path to the ocean through rocky ravines.

All this conspires to attract large numbers of international and local tourist to the Park. Tsitsikamma National Park is the third most frequently visited out of the twenty national parks in South Africa